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My music career has been a gift for over 30 years, and has allowed me to share what I do with millions of people around the globe. Your help releasing my music online will allow me to continue sharing that gift now that I don't play as much.
Then I realized "how can I ask for your help without giving you something first?" - so here you go, enjoy:

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This is "I Must Be Dreamin'," a never-before-released cut from the album "Vivre", which I'll be releasing with your help. It was recorded at Saxon Pub and it features my dear friend and mentor Stephen Bruton on guitar, and my friends Bruce Hughes (bass), Kevin Carroll (guitar), Stewart Cochran (keys), and Johnny Benoit (drums). It was mastered by my brother-in-sound - the amazing Chet Himes. Enjoy it, there are more where this came from.

I'm releasing my entire music catalog - 30 years worth!
Help me do it (and pre-order your CDs) by clicking here now!!!


BAND FROM HELL (1986-1989)
1. Into The Night
2. Take Off
3. Falling
4. Actually Gone
5. Blood and Thunder
6. Livin' Lovin' Lie
7. Johnny Speaks Spanish
8. I'm Bored
9. Gonna' Walk On Ya'
10. She's Your Curse
11. You'd Better Talk Fast
12. Walk
13. Return to Innocence
14. Now I Wanna' Be Your Dog
15. Johnny Speaks Spanish

Lucky 13 (1990)
1. Lookin' For Blondie
2. So Vacant
3. All I Need
4. You'd Better Talk Fast
5. Crazy 'Bout Tori
6. What's It To Ya?

Del Dragons – Git' Yer' Butt Rockin'(1992-1995)
1. One In A Million
2. Same Old Story
3. I Must Be Dreamin'
4. Alone Again
5. Mad About You
6. Comin' To Ya'
7. Just Say Goodbye
8. I'm A Believer
9. So Heavy (Nobody Knows)
10. Tomorrow Will Come
11. Sticks and Stones

Del Dragons – Southern Jumbo (1997)
1. Crazy Bout Tori
2. Mad About You
3. Alone Again
4. Sticks and Stones
5. Comin' To Ya'
6. Nothing
7. Tomorrow
8. I Must Be Dreamin'
9. Just Say Goodbye
10. After The Rain
11. I Just Can't Fall
12. So Jaded

Troy Dillinger & Del Dragons – Live In Paris (1998)
1. Crazy Bout Tori
2. So Jaded
3. Mad About You
4. Comin' To Ya'
5. Alone Again
6. I Must Be Dreamin'
7. 3 Chord Song
8. Maybe I'm Crazy
9. Little T 'n' A
10. After The Rain
11. Sticks and Stones
12. Sympathy for the Devil

Troy Dillinger – And A Guitar (1999)
1. For A While
2. 3 Chord Song
3. I Must Be Dreamin'
4. Waiting
5. Play Your Ass Off
6. What They Seem

Troy Dillinger – VIVRE (1999)
1. I Must Be Dreamin'
2. For A While
3. Waiting
4. 3 Chord Song
5. Oh Kay
6. This Wheel
7. Play Your Ass Off
8. Crazy 'Bout Tori
9. Bitter Old Fool
10. I Could've Stood You Up
11. Sticks and Stones
12. Johnny Speaks Spanish

Troy Dillinger – Fine So Far(2000)
1. For A While
2. Leavin' This Evening
3. After The Rain
4. Play Your Ass Off
5. Crazy 'Bout Tori
6. Comin' To Ya'
7. Oh Kay
8. Strong Arms
9. Pencil Me In
10. What They Seem

Troy Dillinger – Live At Antones (2003)
1. Pencil Me In
2. Surrender
3. It's About Time
4. I Got To Love You
5. Candle Shop
6. Forgive Me
7. Make It Feel Good
8. Bitter Old Fool
9. Another Song About Love
10. I Like You
11. I Just Cant Fall
12. 3 Chord Song
13. Tomorrow Will Come
14. Just Cuz

Troy Dillinger – Dirty And Harry(2005)
1. Pencil Me In
2. Another Song About Love
3. Forgive Me
4. Leavin' This Evening
5. Just Cuz'
6. Candle Shop
7. Strong Arms
8. Bitter Old Fool
9. Surrender
10. I Got To Love You
11. I Like You
12. Jam For Tomorrow