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Troy Dillinger's "Dirty & Harry" Film Festival

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11 Great Short Films...



After two near-death experiences in 2002, Troy makes a triumphant return by teaming with 10 Austin filmmakers and 35 Austin businesses to create 11 short films based on his new CD, "Dirty & Harry". This collaborative is the first of its kind, combining independent music, independent film, local businesses and The Austin Music Network to create art that entertains and funnels its benefits and proceeds back to the community. 


Song Director
"ANOTHER SONG ABOUT LOVE" Tracie Laymon (Attention Deficit & Up) animation by Renny McCauley
"I GOT TO LOVE YOU" MindAlteringCreations (D. Ventura Garcia)
"PENCIL ME IN" Ben Foster / FosterFilm Productions
"SURRENDER" Troy Dillinger
"LEAVIN' THIS EVENING" Kirk Hunter (Kirk-O-Matic)
"STRONG ARMS" Brian Watkins (Steamboat: Beyond Sixth Street) edited by Carlos Funes
"JUST 'CUZ" MindAlteringCreations (Justin Gilley)
"CANDLE SHOP" Robie Kentspeth (The Real You)
"FORGIVE ME" Troy Dillinger
"BITTER OLD FOOL" Jeffrey Jones (BK & Mr E "Enemy")
"JAM FOR TOMORROW" Nadia M/Austin Music Network

“Troy Dillinger's 'Dirty & Harry' Film Festival” is a collaboration between Austin's prolific Music and Film communities to produce 11 independently written and directed short films based on the music of Dillinger's upcoming release, "Dirty & Harry". This teaming of the veteran Austin musician and 10 independent filmmakers from Texas will serve as a snapshot of emerging talent while creating new business opportunities between the creative and business communities in Austin. The Festival will partner with AMN-15 The Austin Music Network as it’s non-profit benefactor.

The finished product will be manufactured as an independent DVD release and will be submitted to film festivals and television outlets in the US and abroad. While it is being promoted and screened locally, the DVD will be marketed as a companion to the CD in the US and Europe, and will be solicited for airplay on a variety of television entitites internationally. Based on it's filmmaking merits, the project will also be submitted to film festivals and screenings around the world as well as a collection of narrative short films.

An innovative approach to funding the project featured advertisement and product placement from Austin businesses that value the contributions that Austin's Arts communities infuse into the city. The high visibility of the project will serve as both a community enhancing endeavor and a revolutionary step in music, film, and business promotion by targeting it's audience with entertainment and unconventional marketing simultaneously. The project's advertising and product placement rates made it affordable enough for even the smallest of businesses to participate. Other options for involvement were expansive enough for businesses with wider marketing abilities and scope to participate at any level, although the focus was kept largely on local businesses.

It's reach as an art piece/promotional tool/marketing tool will span from heavy local visibility (with heavy saturation on AMN and marketing campaigns on Time/Warner Cable), and potentially to national distribution and distribution in Europe (where Dillinger has found a large fan base). These markets also support the Austin Music, Film, and Tourism trades making the project have even more local impact.

The Festival’s demographic is male & female, 20-40 years of age, culturally-diverse, arts-active, with above-average disposable income and buying habits. Many are homeowners and/or potential home/property owners. This demographic is often hard to target through conventional methods and tends to buy with loyalty to businesses who show community and arts responsibility. We believe our approach will be both effective and endearing to our audience due to our locally-based and arts agendas. The number of impressions (viewers) for the Festival's sponsors are estimated to be between 2,500-7,500 for the theatrical release, 100,000-350,000 viewers on local television over the first year, and a harder-to-define number that can range from 100,000 to 500,000 others in the US and up to 5 million or more in Europe. The lifespan of the release is expected to be 1-3 years.

This mixture of quality-of-life-enhancing art and responsible community image & marketing make for a winning package. Early feedback is overwhelmingly positive, calling Dillinger’s vision innovative, suggesting that he has uncovered an important direction for the future of independent music and film.

 Austin Musician Troy Dillinger almost died twice in 2002, and as 2003 began he could hardly work or perform. After about a year of scraping by, local producer Mack McNabb offered to record a CD with him as a favor. When the recording was finished, the team felt they had something pretty special on their hands. Says Dillinger, "Mack thought I should shoot a video for the CD, and I said 'I know enough filmmakers to shoot a short film for every song on the CD.' A meeting with the Austin Music Network's Louis Meyers showed me that I could get this done by asking small Austin businesses to trade goods and services for advertising in the short films. He offered to partner with me to get the project to the world."

With the help of a small production team, 10 independent filmmakers and their crews and 35 Austin businesses, Dillinger did something no one else has ever done: he made world-class art that originated in the community and returns benefits to the community in a never-seen combination of cooperation and commerce. More than short films, more than just music videos, more than entertaining, more than just some piece of self-promotion; Dillinger hopes the "Dirty & Harry" Film Festival will show artists how to get their work seen and positively affect everyone that comes into contact with their creations.  

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